Listing Service


Personal Touch TC’s responsibilities 

  • Prepare listing docs/disclosures in transaction desk  
  • Create incomplete MLS listing  
  • Open Title 
  • Order sign up 
  • Send agent email that paperwork is ready to be reviewed (within 24 hours of  receiving listing address)  
  • Send listing docs to sellers to sign  
  • Upload all supplements to the incomplete listing  
  • Upload photos 
  • Input open houses 
  • Add MLS keybox to listing  
  • Send seller email listing is live and introduce myself 
  • Contact HOA (if applicable)  
  • Follow up on sellers’ disclosure form  
  • Office compliance  

Agents’ responsibility:
• Send Personal Touch TC new listing address (listing docs will be ready to review within 24 hours)
• Coordinate Photos, cleaning, staging etc.
• Include all sellers contact information (phone # & emails)
• Send all important listing information such as list price, listing date & expiration date & total commission rate for each side.
• Send any showing restrictions
• Send any information for HOA (if applicable)
• Communicate if you would like me to send the form 17 or if you will be dropping it off with seller

Please note
While Personal Touch TC does prepare listing documents from prior MLS listings, please make sure you review the information with your seller and communicate promptly if there is anything that needs to be updated or changed.

Shannon Budig

Transaction Coordinator, Owner
[email protected]

Mutual Acceptance to Close

Personal Touch TC’s responsibilities:  

  • Contract review  
  • Send out welcome emails to all parties within 4 hours of receipt Create summary transaction sheet with all contact information  Monitor all timely contingencies  
  • Facilitate any E-signings  
  • Create addendums with verbiage from agent  
  • Ensure appraisal is ordered in timely manner  
  • Obtain due date for appraisal report  
  • Weekly updates to sellers (Every Friday) 
  • Weekly office compliance audit to ensure your office has all necessary docs  Notify agent when the 22AR can be delivered to buyer 
  • Resale Certificated/HOA- make sure these docs are ordered and delivered to  buyer 
  • Office compliance within 48 hours 
  • Create commission disbursement 
  • Ensure escrow sends estimated settlement statement for review  Confirm lender has clear to close 
  • Confirm docs are sent to escrow  
  • Confirm escrow has all receipts and/or credits 
  • Send key location prior to closing 
  • Ensure all parties have signing appointments 
  • Provide escrow with any signing restriction or special requests Check on closing 1 day prior to close date 
  • Check in on close date to make sure we are closing 
  • Send Seller, day of closing email  
  • After closing- send seller Final Settlement statement for their records  Constant communication with all parties
    Agents’ responsibilities:
    • Continue any contract negotiations
    • Provide any important information in a timely manor
    • Please include us in all communication
    • Provide any referral, staging, cleaning fees etc. for the commission disbursement form

    Please note
    We use a platform called Paperless pipeline, you will get your own login and will be able to login anytime and access all your transactions. The system will also email you every morning with tasks that are overdue, due and will be due in the next few days, we can customize your task list, so please let us know if there is any task you want added.

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